Do you want to optimize your voice?

Are you a professional singer, actor or working to become one – and do you want improve your voice? Perhaps you have a need to better your understanding of your instrument, your voice, and how it works in order to perform better and improve elements of your song and/or speech. We will work together to figure out what is needed.

Getting back to work?

Perhaps you need help getting back to work after a period of being completely or partially unable to perform. You may have experienced problems such as hoarseness, muscle tension dysphonia, reflux or other complications related to your voice and breathing. I diagnose the nature of tension in muscles and fascia and provide treatment to release both primary and secondary tension in order to return you to your liberated voice.

Dorthe behandler

About me

I am a specialist in voice treatments and I have worked with hundreds of Danish and international singers and actors. I mainly work out of my clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark, but also work abroad on occasion.


I began working as a massage therapist in 1991, treating sports injuries and injuries related to overuse of the musculoskeletal system. Four years later, I was invited to work in the Copenhagen theatre industry and started treating injuries among dancers and actors.

In 1997 I started working with the larynx and neck and began a gradual move from traditional injury to professional voice treatments, which has since become my speciality.


I combine my experience with treatments of muscles and fascia related to the jaw, larynx, neck and breathing with my knowledge of the use of the voice in all its complexity. The production of sound is a result of a sophisticated collaboration between, among others, the vocal tract, jaw, breathing and support muscles, which I examine and treat as the whole that it is.

What I do

I primarily use my hands for diagnosis and treatment. That is, I work clinically with my hands for both assessment and deep tissue massage of muscles and fascia. If I encounter tissue where tension is present I explain what effect it has on breathing and voice. After my treatment you will thus have a clear sense of what you can do yourself and how you best take action to resolve the problem.

The first treatment

Before the first treatment, we talk on the phone about your situation, clarifying your needs and providing you with suggestions for treatment.

You are welcome to contact me today at or by calling/texting +45 53 790 400